Confidence Is Key

Trials and tribulations: The test of one’s patience or endurance.


With the launch of my new look blog i had many plans. Some which I started to embark on and others that fell flat. The past few weeks have shown me that no matter how stable you can think that you are. Life can take a 360 with no warning and you better grasp it or find a hole and hide.
The last little while has tested my patience more than i ever could’ve planned for.
I have been on a thinking journey that involved many internal choices. Choices that i made consciously and was ready to dive in but then the universe was like ‘Huh uh’.
The age old saying that “Life is what happens when you busy making plans” couldn’t apply any more than it does to me right now.
I’ve been on this journey of ‘Discovering myself’ and find that this it has been way more challenging that i thought it would be. I thought that i would try different things and have some that would stick and others that wouldn’t. All in the name of finding what makes me tick. Many things haven’t stuck and i’ve ended up wasting money or time on fruitless escapades.
I have however found a new confidence and i am loving it. I am feeling so positive about the future. I’m dancing like nobodies watching. This confidence has gotten me threw the past few weeks. I’m realising that no matter the size of the lemons that life throws at you, put a china fruit inside with some cherry drink o’pop and enjoy those lemons,hahaha
What i wore:
Skirt – Mommy&Me
Bodysuit – Mr Price
Heels – Legit
Watch – Guess

Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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