Since becoming a mother there are two things that’s become my main focus.


1 is to give my child and future children a comfortable life free of any needs and 2 is to be the biggest influence in their lives. I had an epiphany a few days ago that has changed my outlook on people and i wish to teach her this……

People will ALWAYS disappoint you. No matter how good life gets, there will ALWAYS be those who will not share in your happiness. The biggest thing that i have made peace with is that nobody will ever be perfect and i will never be able to control peoples mindsets. This in no way means that i cannot enjoy what i deem important to my happiness. To maintain my sanity i have to be an ambassador of Elsa’s vocals and…….LET IT GO…. Let go of the anxiety that i feel every time i am around individuals that may not be to my liking. The biggest adjustment that i have to make and pray about is to get over excluding myself from important things in life because of this anxiety that has controlled me since i can remember.



I cannot change anyone and i will not like everyone in my life but i want to be the best influence in my child and childrens lives so i have to make this change.


Whole ensemble* Mommy&Me – Heels* Plum


Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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