Behind the scenes

Perceptions….. Theres so much that i can say about this word that has done me so many injustices over the past few years.

Behind the scenes

I do not at ALL believe that the outside world and thier perceptions or opinions should matter or define who you are. I’ve come to learn that its almost human nature to see the negative in people before realising the truth of a person.
In my work life aswell as family i have been wronged so many times because of my apprearance, demeanour and lifestyle.

Behind the scenes

Because my hair is always blown out for work doesn’t mean that i think that i am a Disney princess!
I might seem that i always have my ish together but my oh my, PERCEPTIONS!

I am an ordinary girl and whilst i am comfortable in my skin, i TO have insecurities.

I never understood why it was important to ‘Love yourself first’ as i assumed that it was natural. I have come to my senses about what’s actually important in life. I have learnt to love and be proud of who i am. Its okay that there are people that might not like who or what I’ve become but that changes nothing about me.
At the same time I am grateful for all that i continuously overcome as this shapes who i am.

It may seem that i have my ducks in a row, as that’s what i want people to think, but i to have a conscience. And whilst i have only allowed a limited number of people to witness me falling apart, i ALWAYS pull myself together and i am stronger and more fierce because of this. For the longest time i was very concerned with impressions and what people perceived of me. I’ve shed more than my fair share of tears on people and situations that i couldn’t change. I tried so hard to pull off miracles and try to fix everything for everybody.

A few years ago a friend said to me that she doesn’t prioritize friendship as she had a family to focus on. I’ve tried living by this logic but it just doesn’t seem to apply to me! Family can sometimes break you far more than a friend ever could.

Today i live my life to please the people that feel the same way about me as i do for them.

I prioritize those who prioritize me and i know that people will always believe what they want to.
I cannot change what others think of me. AND THAT’S OKAY!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

What i wore

Dress: Edgars

Heels: Edgars


Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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