Whats make you different?

A little while ago i had to complete a questionnaire and one of the questions was ‘what makes you different’.

Whats make you different?

I very quickly made up my mind about this question……… I didn’t like it!

Nonetheless i was inspired to do this blog post because i realized that I never really give thought to questions like these. I call them ‘interview questions’.
You know, the type that have you cringe in an interview because you know the answer but end up wording it completely incorrectly. Then when you leave you want to kick yourself when all of a sudden a brilliant answer pops into your mind but its to late to change your answer ……. Or has this only happened to me? Hahaha

Whats make you different?

So, this is that -after- moment when i know exactly what i wanted to say but didn’t!

In 3 points, I’m different because:
1- I believe in people.
As Naive as i sometimes am, I continue to believe that all people are worth a chance. No matter how bad the situation could seem, i gravitate towards the glass being half full. This belief has had me in a few difficult situations before but i still believe that everyone has the ability to do good and to be good. Some people just don’t think long term so they end up doing the same short term silliness as if they are stuck on repeat.

2. I am a coconut – but not in the urban dictionary kinda way…..
Rather, i am tough on the outside and many people feel like i am unapproachable because of my ‘tough as nails’ demeanor. On the inside though, and at the risk of not explaining this correctly and maybe sounding arrogant, i would like to believe that i am sweet and once i am understood , i add great enjoyment in people’s lives.

3. I can fold a heart out of any rectangular shape paper- origami style! Buyaka…….

Whats make you different?

Whats make you different?

Whats make you different?


What i wore:

Dress – Mommy & me project

Sneakers: Superga

Accessories – MrP fashion


Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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