Any sign of cold weather has me grabbing boots & a jacket and today was no different. Johannesburg woke up to icy cold & windy weather.


I could have stayed in bed and watched (Spoiler alert) Harvey Specter confess his love to Donna but i had planned to visit 32clothing today and the excitement of visiting a much anticipated place had me out of bed and into the cold at 9am. By the way, i’ll be doing a post about my visit to 32clothing soon so stay tuned!

I took these pics when we got home and the sun was saying TING!!! Once again, the morning weather fooled me……





P.S. This is me with a ponytail. I dont like me with a ponytail, Ha.

IMG-20150422-WA0018    IMG-20150422-WA0021


What i wore:

Leggings: Cotton on

Top : Identity

Booties: Mr Price fashion

Coat : Edgars



Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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