My OOTD joke

Since going on leave this week i’ve been living in Pyjamas.


So today when hubby said that we are going out for lunch, i just had to wear heels. I dont generally wear heels when it’s just the two of us because i’m only about a centimeter shorter than him when i wear flats.
I swear though that my ankles started paining yesterday and i seriously believe that they were crying out for a pair of heels 😉

The joke was on me though because due to load shedding the mall was lights out so we ended up eating russian and chip rolls from the only halaal place that had a generator. Hehehe.

By the way, meet my newbie Black cherry bag.






What i wore:
Jeans – Sissy boy
Top – Jeanie D (old)
Jacket – Mr P fashion
Heels – Plum
Bag – Black Cherry
Watch – Guess

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