The first lady’s family heirloom

Something about this outfit had me feeling like i could’ve played the role of a USA 1st lady in a drama series.


Between the knee length, long sleeves and pearl accessories i felt very presidential.
Anyway, on to the order of the day…….
I don’t have any item that’s been passed on to me as a family heirloom however i have always treasured the idea of creating my own heirlooms from items that tell a story of a special time in my life.

The first which is very important to me is my wedding ring.
My ring is made up of 5 individual gold bands. I’ve considered joining them all to make one solid ring but i prefer it being seperate as that way i can split it amongst all my kids…. if its Gods will that i have 5 kids obviously.

The only other item that holds a special place in my heart is a chain that my husband bought me for my 19th birthday, a year before we got married . The absolute truth is that I have NEVER gone a day without it since the moment he put it on for me.
So much so that if you had to scroll through any of my posts you will see that i am wearing the chain every time.
To a certain extent it is more dear to me than my wedding rings are.







What i wore:
Dress – Mr P fashion
Arm candy – Mr P fashion
Heels – Plum

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