Gstar raw

Last week i attended my first even for LazyvsLady and i’m 2 minded about the experience.


The event took place at the Gstar raw store at Sandton City and the invite read that the instore launch was starting at 6:30pm….
But before i speak about my experience once there, i must laugh at the happenings leading up to the actual event (I use the word event loosely as it felt more like a meet & greet).

So the launch was on a Thursday so obviously that means that i still went to work – Gots to pay them bill$, bill$, bill$.
As usual i left work at 4:30pm and rushed home to get ready… I only confirmed my attendance a day before the launch so i really didnt have a proper plan.
Got home just after 5:30pm and we left home at 6:10pm.

Again, i’m so glad that i dont wear any makeup because in +/-35minutes i washed up, did my hair, got dressed and ran out of the door. I didnt even remember to pack my bag so i just grabbed the same bag that i used for work.
Getting to the store was another big joke as my heel got stuck in the grooves of the escalator.

Running to the store at 6:40pm thinking what a terrible 1st impression it is that i’m late for my 1st event all the while consoling myself with the words ‘fashionably late’ going through my mind.


All in all, I’m very gratefull that i was invited as i got to meet and have lengthy chats with 2 ladies that i’d been following for a while.
I got some good tips from a very friendly and bubbly Bronwyn @QueenofJozi on the angle that i’ve chosen for my blog and she complimented my ‘good’ skin.
She also started following me on instagram later that evening 🙂



I also met the gracious Amanda from @the_looi_look  and got to understand the journey and experiences from a fellow newbie blogger.
Although she’s beeing blogging for a few months longer and attended many events and functions, she explained that she still felt very new to all of that.


The biggest takeout of the night was the thrill that i got from it all. I got a burst of adrenalin as i became LazyLadyNaz and i felt super confident.
I felt content with it all and this feeling confirmed that this is what i want to be doing.
I am absolutely looking forward to many such events and building my brand.





Oh, and this is my Niece/photographer Casey that has nearly 1000 instagram followers and i’m here trying with all my might to be acknowledged in the insta world. Lol
A big thank you to her for accompanying me and being part of this mildstone.

Follow her @casey.thompson.3701


What i wore:
Dungaree – Mr P fashion
Heels – Plum
Bag – The Hub
Watch – China Mall

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