Lucky number 7

Yesterday was hubby and my 7th year of matrimoney and a perfect ending to my month of love.


I dedicate this post to the grace of the Almighty for giving me the most humble and giving partner.
He is not only my husband but he is my best friend. He has helped me grow from strength to strength to a place that i never believed was in my reach.

In august 2008 i started my 1st job. The excitement of being independant had me on such a high that it never even crossed my mind that i was going to be part of a company with 40 000 employees.

He says that he saw me a few weeks earlier when we went to complete a competency test and apparently for him it was love at 1st sight. Clearly our priorities on that day was different because i cannot remember seeing any body else. I was so nervous that i cannot remember anything about that day.
We went on to sit less than 10 meters apart for almost 2years. Which was a clear ingredient in our success story.
We’ve been working together for a total of 9 years now. Leaving home together, spending our lunch breaks together and random rendezvous during the day.


Together we’ve moved mountains. We’ve achieved more than we ever thought was possible.
I could not imagine my life wih anybody other than him. Nobody else would keep up with my split personalities. He religiously thanx me for all the meals i prepare and it is always ‘lovely’ for him… He cannot say no to me and he cannot get upset.
He is My LOVE. My life.
   My best friend. My SOULMATE
      My teacher. My equal.
         My ally. My shoulder to cry on.
            My light. My student.
               My LAUGHTER. My pilot.
                 My lover. My mechanic.
                   My handyman. My GUY.
                     My comedian. My MONKEY.
                        MY HUSBAND!!!


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