In all honesty, i clean forgot to upload this post of my birthday outfit earlier this month.


In my 27 year experience i’ve realised that loud people are the fakest people. I’ve learned that the person that ‘must be seen’ is the most untrustworthy and whilst I dont want this to become a heavy hearted topic, I’ve recently had many realisations of the kind of people that I want to be part of my life.

Nonetheless, this outfit speaks volumes for me as I have never been one for bold prints, colours or just any ‘stand out’ clothing.
I have a history of playing it safe with my outfit choices. No bulky jewellery…Safe colors like black & white and pants…. loads of pants.

I had to fake my interest in this skirt because i just couldnt picture myself in something this loud.
Although its still a safe colour for me, the design is a first as i only wear pencil skirts.
I was very happy with my choice though. I’m definitely warming up to the bolder, brighter and more adventurous side of fashion.





What i wore:
Skirt – Mr P fashion
Top – JayJays
Shoes – Valentines gift from hubby
Bag –  The Hub
Arm Candy – Mr P fashion

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