Side chick

Friendship wanted…..willing to pay! Dont mind being a side chick!


This is a very personal post but i feel like the whole point of me starting a blog was to document my memories so that I can share them and reflect back on the person i was.

As a teenager i longed to find my place as a ‘popular chick’. I had what i now realize were more acquaintances than friends that were so popular and so cool. With matching school bags and red lips.  You would think that i would’ve naturally become well known since i chilled with these more popular girls. But i was actually just a side chick. I suppose to a certain extent I felt like being a side chick rather than a nobody was better.

That’s all such a big joke now.

The thing with being popular is that at the time you almost feel like you can walk on water. Like you are the be all and end all. And whilst I only became a little more known during the last year of high school, i realise now that I became more well known for all the wrong reasons.


A few weeks ago I explained to my younger nieces and cousins that whilst you are in school it feels like that is your whole life. Obviously the choices that i made weren’t all to bad as i am living a blessed life now but I must be honest and say that at so many points my life could’ve taken so many wrongs turns.
It’s marvelous how looking back now i can really kick myself for wanting to be popular.

Today i am still friends with one of the popular girls. She’s definitely a reflection of >popular gone right.




What i wore:
Jeans – Mommy&Me project
Top – China mall
Bag – Chanel (Singapare)
Arm candy – MrP fashion
Shoes – Sissy Boy

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