Kangaroo vibes

2012 was the most inspiring and challenging year of my life.
With my daughters birthday that just passed i think its this post is fitting.

I became a mom!!!
Every mom has a unique birth story but mine is somewhat different to the usual. Simply put, 9 hours, 2 induces and an emergency ceasarian later, with absolutely no contractions except for a slight tingle. Being put under without consent and waking up 3hours later with a baby on my chest.
Nothing major!
Having my daughter was completely different to what i heard or read. Embarrasingly and not special at all, the 1st thing i asked my husband when i woke up and saw her was ‘why is she so white’…lol…


So i experienced a fairly manageble birth with a fairly okay recovery after the ceaser.
The only part that wasnt and is still not fair is the ‘pouch’ that i have after everything.
At 1st i was so conscious about my pouch that i would wear a highwaisted tights aswell as a full bodice to pull my tummy in and hide the pouch.
I didnt have a super flat tummy before my pregnancy but this made me very uncomfortable.

I recently discovered Corset training and although it was uncomfortable at 1st, i’ve become used to my breath being pulled out of me whilst hubby pulls the velcro into place.
I really wanted to begin the corset training with an actual laced corset. The old school types, but i couldnt find one so i settled for a velcro strapped kinda one from a shop at china mall (i gave it a good wash before the first wear).


Its been 3 weeks now and i can definetly feel and see a difference to my waist line.
Nothing huge or ground breaking but a difference.

I dont think that i will ever lose my pouch but its okay as i am blessed because of it.
My mum tum!


What i wore:
Dress – The Hub
Converse all stars

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