My faith, My Imaan

There are not enough words to describe how much my life has changed over the past 3 years.♡♡♡


My daughter turned 3 yesterday and i cannot remember what my life was like before her.
She continues to be a light in our lives. Her birth has evolved me as an individual to a unexplainable high.
I am sensitive because of her. And whilst every day is not a perfect 1, with the random tantrums and never ending ‘why,why,why’.
I cannot be any more blesseed.
She is God given and an absolute gift. She completes me.




Imaan is my life. My number 1 priority and my eternal soul mate.
Nothing could give me any more joy than to wish her a Happy 3rd Birthday.


Slamaat our nunkunoons♥

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One thought on “My faith, My Imaan

  1. A beautiful little soul…. gorgeous face and such a joyful spirit indeed. She will light up the saddest smile….or the darkest room with just her personality…. and her beautiful smile


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