Tall girls miss out on all the fun

The last time i checked, i measured at 1.80m tall.


I dont particularly think that i am very tall but according to google the average height of a women is 1.64m. By this statistic i am giant like, lol.
All tall women know the challenge when it comes to shopping sometimes.
Skirts and dresses are always shorter than supposed to be. And dont even speak about long sleeved tops like shirts or jackets.
Most of my pants are ankle grazers by default.
I’ve actually put a logical explanation to this. The problem is that my leg length versus waist width ratio is somewhat unusual. (In my mind that makes sense)
So in order for a pants to fit my waist properly, i have to compromise on the length. They can never both be a perfect fit.
I’ve become used to the ‘dont  tough my ankles but cover my knees’ joke. I heard it way more than i needed to as a child.

I recently attended my grandmothers 81st birthday picnic where i really wanted to wear my new kimono. I usually pair a kimono with short shorts as it just compliments each other but i definetly couldnt wear a short shorts to a family outing.
So i took one of the many ‘dont touch my ankles’ that i have and discovered a huge trend on youtube.
Together with a scissors, tweezers and a little boredom this knee length shorts was the result.


I much like the length as it is family outing appropriate & still compliments the kimono quite well. I chose a full waisted jeans which worked out perfectly with sitting on the ground and then having to jump up at the speed of lightning when my daughters hyper activeness kicked in. (I’m on a roll with my weird descriptions).




What i wore:
Kimono – The Hub
Shorts – Mommy & me project
Tank top – MrP Fashion
Shoes – Levis (Vintage)
Accessories – MrP Fashion

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