Happy Birthday to me:-)

It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hip hip hooray!
For she’s a jolly good lassy…………


Today is my 27th birthday and i am over the moon. I love birthdays…….
I completely set aside the fact that i’m getting older though and just focus on my special day.
Tomorrow i’ll be grumpy about getting older!

The Almighty has blesseed me with more than i could ever have imagined.
Growing up i truly believed that i was never going to get married or have kids.
I never in my wildest dreams thought that at such a young age i would own my own home or be this responsible.
Whilst there is a WHOLE lot that i still need to accomplish, i am utterly grateful for the past 27years.
Every life lesson, every argument, every laugh, Everything!




It’s taken me 27 years to be this strong!
I thank the Almighty for every breath that i take.
Because it is his will, I AM LIVING MY DREAM!

What i wore:
Top – Roxy
Skirt – Somewhere downtown Jozi
Sandals – PnP clothing
Bag – Singapore
Headchain – China mall

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