March-The month of love

As the commercial month of love just passed and all the red decor at malls get boxed away for another year…


My official month of love begins.
MARCH…….. Oh how i love all that is March!

Starting with none other than my birthday – March 4th. 27 years younger this year, and God willingly a great year of personal success lies ahead.
My daughters birthday follows 4 days later on March 8th. She’ll be 3years old and i am falling more & more inlove with her developing personality.
29th March 2015 marks hubby and my 7th Anniversary. That’s a huge shocker for me….I cannot absorb the fact that i am married for 7years already.




So here’s to my month of love…. May it be a blessed month filled with many special memories and  loads of gifts♥♥♥


What i wore:
Dress – Edgars fashion
Sandals – PnP clothing
Arm bands – MrP fashion

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