I know i’m not the only one

Can i just take a moment to appreciate the talented Sam Smith. This guy is all sorts of stylish…


I love his voice and unique style. I swear its like he sings straight to my soul every time i hear 1 of his brilliant songs.

On that note, I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE that runs wild every morning before i leave for work.
I wear no make up at all so i save alot of time not having to apply any products.
But between matching my accessories, taming my bed head and choosing a pair of shoes, i scruffle around every morning in the most confusing way.
My daughter started creche recently so now i have to get her ready also…..
So much to do………..
Might i also add that i am not a morning person. I dont like speaking in the morning and i most certainly dont have the patcience to listen to long winded stories.



My morning routine is simple, Shoes, Clothes, Hair, Accessories. In that order.

>apologies for the terrible background. When hubby is the photographer i have to take what i can get<
What i wore:
Shoes – Sissy Boy
Skirt – Kelso from Edgars
Top – MrP fashion
Bag – The Hub
Acessorries – MrP fashion
Watch – Tempo
Nails – Revlon ‘Sure thing’ (Gel Envy – 510)

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