Pink magic***

Theres just something magical about the colour pink. It excites me and gives me such confidence.


I would like to think that pink suits me very well. Its such a feminine yet bold colour. I read somewhere that in ancient times women were forbidden to wear pink as it was believed to be a threatening colour. Apparently woment felt empowered and were very challenging when they wore the colour. Therefore it was forbidden. Biggest load of nonsense but i love the idea.

There was a phase in my life a few years ago where i was known as pinky at work.
To this day there is a guy that insists on calling me that.

I’ve gladly passed my legacy on to my daughter though.






What i wore:
Top – The Hub
Leggings – Cotton on
Heels – Mr P fashion
Watch and earrings on loan from my sister in law.

Thank you Lyndell for the great pics:-)

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One thought on “Pink magic***

  1. Pink most def is a beautiful colour and ur skin tone goes very well with it…. it was a fun photo shoot looking forward to some more fashionalbe pics…. its only a pleasure


Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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