My new best friend


My pictures havent been coming out the way i wanted it to.


Hubby heard my pain and surprised me with what has already become my new best friend.


I dont know if he bought this tripod for him or me but either way, i’m super excited.
It saves me alot of stress about not getting my pictures the way that i want and it definetly saves hubby loads of grey hairs not having to take countless pictures and then getting an earful when the pics arent to my liking.



Hubby bought these shoes for me as a valentines gift so i wore them this week to show my appreciation.
I’m wearing a off white detailed skirt over a body suit and a lace kimono as a cover up.



Tripod –
What i wore:
Body suit – The Hub
Skirt – Kelso from Edgars
Shoes – Hubby wont say
Kimono – The Hub
Hanging necklace – Mr P fashion

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Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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