Work identity


I work at a big corporate company where dress code is very strict.


Skirts cannot be shorter than 4  fingers above the knee. No spagetti straps or takkies.
And NO ripped jeans. So in short, i cannot wear any of my favourite items during the week …

I’ve got a big collection of formal wear ranging from pencil skirts to what some would call ‘blouses’. All of which are corporate environment friendly.
This is not where my passsion is though. I am definetly more creative versus the structured corporate type.
I do however keep up my work image as i believe that apprearence is key. Especially when you want to be taken seriously in your working environment.
Most people create perceptions by suming up your non verbal behaviour i.e. Appearence.


I love the way this formal pants fits as it’s almost a boyfriend pants (if you get those). The length and fine pin stripe are also quite edgy so it’s not as boring as a ordinary black pants would be.
The top is chiffon so it adds the perfect touch of feminine with a bold neckline of beadwork. The beadwork is subtle but i like how it adds detail to what wouldve been a normal white blouse.


What i wore:
Pants: Fashion express
Top: Kelso from Edgars
Shoes: Pierre Cardin
Watch: Tempo (Last years birthday gift)
Beaded cuff: MrP accessories

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