I dont particularly believe that there is a secret to success or why its achieved by some and not others.


I do however believe that YOU are the only person responsible in achieving your goals.
And whilst from time to time it feels good to think about my personal successes, it would be idiotic to speak of such as I strongly believe that nothing is permanent. And all your possessions can be taken away. Everything i have is by the grace of the Almighty.

I’ve also learnt that people measure success differently. And thats okay because our circumstances and beliefs are different.
I live a simple life. I dont have designer names or go to lavish places. Work, home, family… thats me! And i’m okay with that. Familiarity breeds content. Words i learnt from my dad.


Maybe thats my secret. Although not much of a secret as it is a choice. It wasnt at all a conscious decision involving a life changing epiphany. I just could not imagine a life where i was any different than who i am today.

“Nothing on earth can harm me whilst an angel in heaven is watching over me”


What i wore:
Top: PnP clothing
Jeans: Jeggings from Edgars
Shoes: MrP clothing (old item)
Bag: Chanel (Bought in in Singapore last year)
Arm band: Mr P fashion


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