Haute Couture childhood

My childhood was not glamorous as my mom didnt believe in buying expensive clothing for kids.

Many parents believe this as kids outgrow their clothes so fast. A belief that i have come to realise is very valid since my daughters wardrobe gets a complete makeover every 6months because nothing fits.

A special time in my childhood was winter when my mom and aunt would knit jerseys for my sister and i. They werent the best looking or the softest on the skin and at the time, i didnt favour the idea as it was kind of weird that my mom was making clothes for us – and a tad bit embarrasing.
Thinking about it now i am so greatful that i was lucky enough that my mom could do this for us. I wish that i still had 1 of them so that i could share it with my daughter.

Thinking even further, i had haute couture items (Haute couture is fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish. A haute couture garment is often made for a client, tailored specifically for the wearer’s measurements and body stance-Wikipedia).

I’ve recently bought my own sewing machine as i love the idea of having home made items. My mom and i have made several items together. I call it “mommy & me projects”.
My favourite to date is this kaftan that took us 2 nights to complete. From design and many creative differences, lol, to the finished product which i am very proud of.


I bought the material at a fabric shop on the westrand of Johannesburg. The bright colours and flow of the material had my mind working overtime on what i wanted to create.
At the time hubby and I were preparing for a Thailand vacation so it was the perfect material for a beautiful floor length Kaftan.


The one shoulder design was not our original idea. This happened as a result of mom sewing the dress incorrectly. I actually prefer the end product though as the one shoulder design added better definition to the neckline.

In retrospect, i’m glad that we’ve rekindled my moms dressmaking as i am definetly getting used to having a personal seamstress/designer.


‘I dont design clothes. I design dreams’
-Ralph Lauren

What i wore:
Kaftan – Mommy & me projects
Sandals – PnP clothing


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