Flaws and all

Maybe i should explain what “LazyLadyNaz” means…imageIts actually quite embarrassing but more than that it’s personally my style evolution.

When I was younger I was very lazy about my appearance. Hated washing and blow drying my hair so I would alternate between a pony tail and a bun. I was also not very popular and had abit of a complex about not being ‘pretty’.
So my insecurities actually fueled my laziness. Because I wasnt popular I had no reason to dress up or look ‘pretty’.
The word pretty has never meant less to me as it does now. I don’t care about pretty anymore because I believe that I am beautiful. For me, beauty means being content with who you are…Flaws and all. I have learnt to love and be proud of who i am. Its okay that I might not have the best body or the most perfect smile. Definetly not the straightest legs or the cutest toes….
But I love all that is me.

In this outfit i felt really confident as it hid everything that i’m not entirely confident about.
This top is a cuff sleeve so it perfectly compliments broad shoulders (Thankyou mom).
My jeans are ankle grazers and i find that they are perfect for my long legs. The are a comfortable fit and doesnt make my legs look like they go on forever.


Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned with the approval of others’

 -Owen Campbell jr


What i wore:
Top – Ackermans,
Jeans – Ankle grazer jeggings from Edgars,
Shoes – Plum,
Handbag -The Hub


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Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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