Au naturale

After much deliberation (a whole 2 days), i’ve decided to start a blog…image Hubby’s asking what i’ll be blogging about and my answer is simple… LOVE!!! This is my love story….. My personal style, my beliefs and things that i love doing are some of what i would like to blog about.

I’ve been doing research about blogging for a little while to understand the different styles and themes out there. Through all this research I learnt 1 thing….. That blogging must be natural.


Growing up (and secretly still a desire) i wanted to be a MODEL. I had my heart set on it. My cousin even enrolled me into a modelling school without mom and dads approval and that is probably the reason why it never went pass the enrollment stage.
I’ve always had a passion for style and the glamorous life. So this blog will be my vehicle to documenting my style story aswell as my interest (which are ever changing)
Not sure if people will like it or show interest but im doing it for me as this is my passion and I believe that anything that is done out of passion will be a success.


I’ve had many ‘loves’ in my life trying to discover where my passions lay, and whilst blogging might be the newest in my ever changing interests, here goes. The beginning of my personal style and interest blog….




2 thoughts on “Au naturale

Hope you liked this. Please let me know what you think :-x

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